Welcome to Irrigation Department Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
The Irrigation Department is headed by Secretary, Irrigation who is assisted at Secretariat level by Additional Secretary, Deputy Secretary (Tech) and PMC. In all technical matters the Secretary is assisted by the Planning & Monitoring Cell. Which prepares the draft…....
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Minister Message
Water is one of the key resources that will shape our economic development through enabling economic growth together with social, political and environmental welfare of people. The water resources endowment of our country is our God given natural blessing. It ... View Details
Secretary Message
Mr. Muhammad Tahir Orakzai Irrigation Department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is a government organization with a mandate to plan, develop, manage, operate and maintain different modes of environmentally and socially acceptable Irrigation and Drainage Systems... View Details
Designation Contact / Extension Email Address
Secretary 091-9210845
Additional Secretary 091-9210470
Deputy Director (TECH) 091-9210868
S.O(EST) 091- 9210849
Supdt. Engineer Central Irrigation Circle 091-9212115
Executive Engineer Peshawar Canals Division 091-9210102
Executive Engineer Warsak Canals Division 091-9212502
Executive Engineer Tubewells Irrigation Division 091-9212488
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